Planet Fitness Tanning Lotions: A Guide to Achieving the Perfect Tan

October 10, 2023 | by SWEEKRITI BAGDE

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Planet Fitness tanning lotions can be a valuable addition to your indoor tanning routine. Many people use the indoor tanning services provided by their neighbourhood gyms or fitness centres to get the ideal tan. One such well-liked option is Planet Fitness, which is renowned for its inexpensive tanning services. To help you get the most out of your tanning session, we’ll examine the world of Planet Fitness tanning lotions in this post, looking into their advantages, applications, and commonly asked questions.

Benefits of Using Planet Fitness Tanning Lotions

Tanning lotions from Planet Fitness can be a helpful ally in obtaining the ideal tan, which is something that many tanners strive for. These specialised lotions provide a number of advantages that can improve your indoor tanning session and leave you with healthy skin and a sun-kissed look. Let’s explore the benefits of using Planet Fitness tanners:

Planet Fitness Tanning Lotions
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1. Accelerated Tanning

The capacity of Planet Fitness tanning creams to hasten the tanning process is one of its main advantages. These lotions are made with chemicals that encourage the skin’s formation of melanin. The pigment melanin, which gives skin its colour, can be produced more readily to help you tan more quickly. This implies that you can reduce the amount of time you spend in the booth or tanning bed while still getting the colour you want.

2. Skin Hydration

When it comes to tanning, dry skin can be a challenge. It may result in an undesirable tan and uneven colouring. The tanning creams at Planet Fitness are designed specifically to keep your skin moisturised. They have moisturising components that stop your skin from drying out while you’re tanning. Additionally to tanning more evenly, hydrated skin feels softer and smoother.

3. Protection from UV Rays

Exposure to artificial UV rays from tanning beds or booths is required for indoor tanning. While moderate exposure might aid in tanning, it’s important to safeguard your skin from damage. Many of the tanning products at Planet Fitness have SPF protection already incorporated in. Your skin is protected by this extra layer of protection from UV radiation, which lowers your risk of skin cancer and sunburn.

4. Improved Tanning Bed Performance

Tanning lotion use can also improve how well the tanning bed or booth works. These creams aid in enhancing how UV rays interact with your skin. They let the UV rays to penetrate your skin more efficiently by giving a smooth surface and guaranteeing even application, leading to a more even and durable tan.

5. Enhanced Skin Care

The lotions from Planet Fitness are not just for tanning; they also support good skin health. Many of these lotions contain ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and aloe vera, which nourish and revitalize your skin. Even with frequent tanning sessions, your skin will remain in excellent condition thanks to this extra care.

6. Pleasant Fragrance

The fact that Planet Fitness tanning creams frequently come in a choice of attractive smells is an added plus. These scents can improve the quality of your tanning session and leave you smelling good afterward. You can select a lotion with a fragrance that suits your tastes, from floral notes to tropical aromas.

7. Improved Longevity of Your Tan

It’s one thing to have a gorgeous tan, but quite another to keep it. Tan-preserving creams from Planet Fitness can help you maintain your tan. Your tan will remain longer because to its moisturising characteristics, allowing you to enjoy your gorgeous glow for longer.

Finally, tanning lotions from Planet Fitness provide a wide range of advantages that extend beyond tanning. They speed up the tanning process, keep your skin hydrated, offer UV protection, and generally improve the tanning experience. These lotions can help you attain the ideal tan while keeping healthy, bright skin, whether you’re new to indoor tanning or a seasoned devotee.

Understanding Planet Fitness Tanning

What is Planet Fitness Tanning?

Members of Planet Fitness can get a tanning session as part of their Black Card Membership. These services frequently feature access to tanning booths and beds where users can maintain a year-round golden glow.

The Role of Tanning Lotions

The use of tanning lotions is essential for indoor tanning. They improve the tanning process, moisturise the skin, and aid in producing a tan that is more even and lasts longer.

Planet Fitness Tanning Lotions
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Benefits of Using Planet Fitness Tanning Lotions

1. Accelerated Tanning

The tanning creams at Planet Fitness are especially made to speed up the process. You can get a tan more rapidly thanks to the chemicals in these products that encourage the formation of melanin.

2. Skin Hydration

The tanning process might be hampered by dry skin, which can lead to uneven colour. These lotions are made to keep your skin moisturised, which encourages a tan that is smoother and more even.

3. Protection from UV Rays

SPF protection is a common feature of tanning lotions from Planet Fitness, protecting your skin from the damaging UV rays released by tanning beds and booths.

Planet Fitness Tanning Lotions
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Choosing the Right Tanning Lotion

4. Skin Type Considerations

Your skin type will determine which tanning lotion is best for you. If you have sensitive skin, use a hypoallergenic lotion; people with oily skin may choose lotions that are oil-free.

5. Tan Intensity

There are various tan intensities offered by different tanning products. Pick the one that corresponds to the colour intensity you want.

Using Planet Fitness Tanning Lotions Effectively

6. Patch Test

Perform a patch test before using any tanning lotion to make sure you don’t have any negative reactions.

7. Even Application

To prevent streaks or uneven colour, evenly apply the lotion.

8. Post-Tanning Care

To keep your tan and maintain healthy skin, moisturise after tanning.

Tips for Maximizing Your Tanning Experience

9. Exfoliate Regularly

Regularly exfoliate your skin to ensure an even tan. This helps the tanning lotion enter the skin more efficiently by removing dead skin cells.

10. Wear Eye Protection

Don’t forget to put on the eye protection offered when using the tanning booths or beds at Planet Fitness. It protects your eyes from UV rays, possibly avoiding harm.

The Planet Fitness tanning beds and booths each have a suggested tanning time. To avoid overexposure and sunburn, use these advice.

12. Gradual Exposure

Start with shorter sessions if you’ve never tanned inside before to give your skin time to adjust.

Common Misconceptions About Tanning Lotions

13. Tanning Lotions are Substitutes for Sunscreen

It’s crucial to remember that when tanning outside, tanning creams are not a replacement for sunscreen. Use sunscreen consistently to shield your skin from damaging UV rays.

14. The Darker, the Better

Even while getting a deep tan may be your objective, it’s important to put your skin’s health first and refrain from over-tanning, which can cause early ageing and skin damage.

15. Tanning Lotions are One-Size-Fits-All

Each person has distinct demands for tanning. One person’s solution might not be suitable for another. Try out various tanning creams to see which one suits you the best.


For those who want to keep their tan all year round, tanning creams from Planet Fitness are an excellent resource. Tanning creams from Planet Fitness are a great option for anyone who wish to maintain their tan all year long. By following the tips and suggestions offered in this article, you may get the most out of your tanning experience while maintaining the health and beauty of your skin. Remember that the appropriate application technique is just as important as the product you use to get a sun-kissed look. Maintain a strict tanning schedule, give skin health top attention, and benefit from a gorgeous tan.


1. Are Planet Fitness tanning lotions suitable for all skin types?

Planet Fitness offers a variety of tanning lotions catering to different skin types, so there’s an option for everyone.

2. How often should I apply tanning lotion when using Planet Fitness tanning beds?

Apply tanning lotion before each tanning session to maximize results.

3. Can I use Planet Fitness tanning lotions with other tanning products?

It’s generally recommended to stick with Planet Fitness tanning lotions for compatibility and best results.

4. Do Planet Fitness tanning lotions have a fragrance?

Some lotions have a mild fragrance, but there are fragrance-free options available.

5. Can I use Planet Fitness tanning lotions for outdoor tanning?

These lotions are designed for indoor tanning and may not provide the same benefits outdoors.


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